ValueMags is a company that sells magazine subscriptions to the American public. They have various magazines available on the topic of health and well being. Their competitive advantage is the abundance of different brands they offer on their easy to use website. Earlier in 2016, they have released a program where customers can access their favorite magazines on any digital platform. This options allows customers to view their subscribed magazines as soon as they become available instead of waiting for it to arrive by mail.


There has been the discussion of just how relevant print is nowadays and the numbers may shock you. The lesser known magazines that are related to health and lifestyle seem to be the most popular on digital. But ones that are in high circulation are doing much better in print as compared to digital sales. For example, The Food Network’s total magazine sales in print makes up about 95% and digital is just over 5%. But if you compare those figures to Clean Eating, which is known to be a lifestyle magazine, their digital sales are 33.7%. These numbers should make it clear to magazine publishers on how most of their readers are consuming the copies. Digital magazines have an advantage for publishers and marketers since there are analytics on the way people reads and interacts with the content they are reading. This way, they can improve the experience of the readers and understand their needs better.

Through the abundance of different magazines out there, anyone can find a topic that interests them. There are hundred of brands out there focusing on healthy eating and food. If you are diabetic or gluten intolerant, there is bound to be something out there for anyone. Even depending on the types of exercises people like to do like yoga or cross fit, there is a magazine out there for you.