A fear of the dentist is unfortunately common, and some of these fears may be based on legitimately bad experiences that some patients have had. The fears may also be based on stories that they have heard from friends and family. The reality is that you are in a vulnerable position when you are sitting in a dental chair. Your mouth is open, and the dentist or hygienist may be using loud, sharp tools and equipment inside your mouth. Fortunately, dental technology and treatments have advanced considerably in recent years, and these innovations have had a dramatic improvement in patient experiences. These are some of the many innovations that may make your time at the dentist more pleasant.

Chao Pinhole Technique

Many dental patients suffer from receding gum lines. This is a potentially serious condition because it can leave the roots exposed. This can create a considerable amount of pain, negatively affect cosmetic appearance and increase the likelihood of tooth loss. The previous treatment for receding gum lines was time-consuming and often painful for patients, but this has changed because of the Chao pinhole technique. With this technique, the gum tissue is raised over the root to a more beneficial position using a tiny pinhole sized incision. More and more gum surgery treatment services use this technique in the interest of patient comfort, safety, and recovery time.

Tooth Replacement Strategies

Tooth loss is common, and dental implants and dentures have traditionally been the most common options. However, implants are a surgical procedure that requires a lengthy recovery period, and dentures are often viewed as being an inconvenient hassle. There are now other replacement options available, such as hybrid dentures, all-on-four implants, and fixed bridges. Your dentist can tell you if you are a good candidate for any of these advanced techniques.

Sinus Augmentation

Many tooth replacement procedures require you to have strong, healthy bone near the sinus cavity. Previously, grafting was required to strengthen and improve this area of the facial bones. Today’s patients may be able to avoid grafting through an augmentation procedure. With this procedure, a very small hole is created to lift the sinus membrane before the augmentation material is inserted. The recovery time is substantially less than with a grafting procedure.

These are only a few of the many advancements that have been made in recent years. Regardless of your current dental or oral concerns, visit your dentist to seek a diagnosis and to learn more about the many treatments available for your condition or issue. You may be surprised to learn that the treatment is not as significant as you may have been anticipating.