Improving physical appearance obviously has cosmetic benefits, and it also can affect self-esteem, mental health and more. If your medical practice is not currently offering cosmetic treatments, you may want to consider incorporating cosmetic services into your treatment options. While some treatments, such as Juvederm, are available at local spas or other non-medical venues, your office can also provide them. Doing so may provide numerous benefits to your business.

Provide Comprehensive Treatment Options

Many patients would feel more comfortable receiving cosmetic treatments a trusted team at their doctor’s office than from a random spa that they locate through an online search. Their cosmetic appearance is not a matter to take lightly, and they may feel more confident in your team’s abilities to produce beautiful results. With this in mind, it may make sense to include cosmetic treatments in your list of in-house services. By doing so, you can better meet the many needs and desires of your patients.

Improve Your Relationship with Patients

Patients understandably want to develop a long-standing relationship with their healthcare provider. When your clinic offers cosmetic procedures, you may become their go-to source for optional treatments. By providing these optional treatments, you can help them to feel better about themselves. This positive energy reflects on your relationship with your patients. Keep in mind that many of these cosmetic procedures require repeat visits, and this means that you may see your patients more frequently when you offer cosmetic services to them.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream

Your primary desire may be to serve your patients and help them to stay as healthy as possible, but your business is also a for-profit venture. You are in business to generate a sizable profit. When you add another income stream, such as from cosmetic treatments, you are directly increasing profit potential for your business. Keep in mind that some of these treatments have substantial rates associated with them. Therefore, you may find that this is a cost-effective income stream to look into.

Making the decision to offer cosmetic procedures to your patients is not a matter to take lightly. While it does have incredible financial benefits and it can be beneficial to your customers, there are costs and risks to consider as well. Nonetheless, with a closer look at the pros and cons associated with adding cosmetic treatments to your treatment options, you may be able to better serve your patients’ needs and improve your business in the process.