If you’re like a lot of people, a person’s teeth and smile are one of the very first things you’ll notice when meeting them for the first time. Unfortunately, this leads to many people feeling self-conscious about the way their teeth look, and this problem is actually far more widespread than you might imagine. In fact, statistics indicate that more than one-third of adults are currently unhappy with their smile. Luckily, advances in dental technology mean that there are now numerous options that can help give you the bright, white and straight smile you’ve always wanted. In this sense, scheduling a trip to your dentist can actually help to give you a big boost in self-confidence, and here are three ways how.

Dental Bleaching and Tooth Whitening

Coffee, tea, smoking, aging and improper oral hygiene can all contribute to your teeth becoming yellow, stained or discolored, and this can directly contribute to lowered confidence and self-esteem. However, the good news is that your dentist can help eliminate these issues in as little as one to two appointments. Compared to over-the-counter bleaching treatments, an in-office dental whitening procedure can quickly and painlessly make your teeth several shades brighter and whiter in as little as 30 minutes.

Dental Veneers and Crowns

Having teeth that are crooked, misshapen, cracked or missing is another common dental complaint, and this is another area where scheduling a visit to your dentist can pay huge dividends. If you currently suffer from any of these all-too-common issues, you’ll definitely want to consider talking to your dentist about dental veneers or crowns. Crowns consist of a porcelain cap that is applied directly over the entire tooth, whereas veneers are a wafer-thin piece of porcelain that is applied only to the front of the tooth. The beauty of both of these procedures is that they will both mimic the appearance of your real teeth while also helping to strengthen the tooth and eliminate various functional issues.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another increasingly popular option that can be used to correct and repair both the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Better still, the fact that the implants are permanently connected directly to your jawbone means that they should last for the rest of your life. Compared to dentures, implants also ensure you can eat whatever you want. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about taking your teeth out and soaking them every night since your new implants can be brushed exactly as you would your real teeth. Although this process does tend to be more painful and take longer to complete than other options, the huge benefits dental implants provide can make the procedure well worth it for anyone who wants a permanent solution to their smile issues.

Ultimately, this list is really just the beginning in terms of the available options that can help you improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. What this means is that there is no reason for you to continue to struggle and be embarrassed by your bad teeth. Instead, why not give your dentist a call to learn more about all the ways that you can finally get the smile of your dreams.