Sudden pain and discomfort can distract you from your busy day, especially when you have no idea where it’s coming from or what’s causing it. Have you ever found yourself clutching your side in disbelief, thinking well I’ve never felt that before? Here are some bizarre examples of unusual causes of soreness and pain.


Caffeine is a staple in the homes of many across the world. It provides a much-needed pick me up throughout a hectic day. However, too much caffeine or a sudden dip in caffeine can lead to potential pain and medical issues.

The American FDA recommends that healthy nonpregnant adults have no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. If you go over you risk caffeine overdose, which has been known to cause jitters, headaches, heart palpitations, sore muscles, stroke, heart attack, and more.

A dip in usual caffeine consumption can lead to intense headaches as the body attempts to adjust itself to its new stimulant-free environment.

Varicose Veins

When looking down at your leg do you see any wiggly, blue veins? Although some want to get rid of them for purely cosmetic reasons, did you know that they can also be a source of pain? Varicose veins are caused by blood that has stayed in the vein a bit too long on it’s journey back to the heart. This issue can potentially cause throbbing pain, bleeding, blood clots, and ulcers.

You may want to seek out a doctor for this issue. Procedures such as endovenous laser ablations can help treat the underlying cause of varicose veins, which are incompetent saphenous veins, through the use of targeted radiofrequency.

Your Pillow

Have you ever walked around clutching your neck or your back, wondering how in the world you could have pulled a muscle when you haven’t even lifted a thing? Surprisingly, you could be doing the damage in your sleep, and the culprit, your pillow!

Sleeping improperly or using the wrong pillow can lead to pain in your neck, head, and back. To prevent the pain, consider getting a pillow that’ll help keep your neck even with your spine.

Your Keyboard

Did you know that typing away at a keyboard all day can have adverse effects besides carpal tunnel syndrome? Using a keyboard can lead to repetitive strain injuries that can even reach your shoulder. Your keyboard may not be the obvious culprit to your shoulder pain, but sometimes the answer is hiding in plain sight. Consider using an ergonomic keyboard, designed to relieve pressure off of your wrist and forearm. In advanced cases, you may need to visit a doctor who may recommend surgery to relieve such pain.

Your life has the potential to be filled with pain-causing culprits hiding in plain sight. These pains can be minor, ranging from just headaches and sore fingers all the way to major pains such as throbbing limbs and heart palpitations. It’s important to look out for ways to protect yourself by keeping in mind what seemingly everyday culprits’ issues could be causing your pain.