Healthcare is a quickly growing field. Different aspects including management, nursing, clinical assistants, phlebotomists, doctors, and specialists are all in demand across the entire country. There are almost as many types of healthcare facilities as there are roles to fill. Community health centers, clinics, hospitals, private practices, and mobile offices are just a few of the venues to practice in. Regardless of your hopes, there is something in the field for everyone. While you’re formulating the image of your dream job, consider first the degree you’ll need to get in the door.

Healthcare programs are available at a wide variety of schools. Whether you’re most comfortable on a large campus, in an intimate community, in a city, or somewhere with less buzz, there’s a healthcare degree waiting for you. Determining whether to get a four or two year degree is another of the many considerations you’ll mull over before picking your ideal school. Fortunately, these five institutions are a few of many with fabulous healthcare programs waiting to be explored.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor offers a healthcare administration program among a wide variety of others. Located in a quintessential college town, this school boasts pride above all else. Beyond that, it is absolutely enormous. A sea of maize (not to be confused with yellow) and blue can be seen at every turn, sported by students who are passionate about their education.

University of Alabama Birmingham

The University of Alabama Birmingham is a quickly growing institution with opportunities for clinical research. The school, in just forty years, has transformed itself. Medicine, optometry, dentistry, and eMedicine are just a few of the focal points that UAB has to offer. Its healthcare program is truly central to the institution’s mission of responding to the community.

Independence University

Independence University, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides online education opportunities. Not only can you earn your healthcare degree but you have the flexibility to do it on your terms. This school understands the practicality of pursuing education while gaining work and life experience. Truly, you can pursue your dreams while simultaneously living them.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

University of Minnesota Twin Cities is another research institution with multiple locations, dimensions, and points of pride. Its Health Services Management bachelor’s degree is ideal for anyone entering the field, whether your goal is to be a clinician or an administrator. By learning the basics, you’ll be prepared for anything. Their goal is to create well rounded professionals who are ready to delve into different specialties.

Goodwin College

Goodwin College, located in East Hartford, Connecticut, offers a plethora of health related degree programs ranging from nursing to administration and on from there. Goodwin understands that each student comes with their own individual set of circumstances. There are financial resources available to accommodate each and every person. Child care is available for many students, and schedules remain flexible. Some degree programs are a hybrid of classroom and online learning to further improve time management. Goodwin understands the importance of getting to know each person for who they are.

These five schools are truly diverse, high quality picks for pursuing a healthcare degree. Ranging in size, location, and focus, there is a fit included for everyone. Selecting a college degree program is so much about self-knowledge and understanding what works best for you. Study preferences, learning style, living arrangements, amount of social interaction, and more will color your college experience. Regardless of your focus, pursuing a healthcare degree comes with a variety of careers, workplaces, and opportunities.