You finally got your small health business up and running. Your new business has been doing well. However, you could tighten your belt a bit in certain areas. One area where you need to cut back on wasteful spending is in your utility costs. You can employ the following five tips to improve your spending in this area.

Use Better Light Bulbs

If you have to run your lights all day, then you should use energy-saving LED lights. Even if you spend a little more on these bulbs, you will save loads of money since these bulbs do not burn out as quickly or easily. Additionally, you can get brighter lights with LED bulbs if you need them.

Use Motion Sensors

In areas where you do not have a lot of high traffic, your lights should be on motion sensors. These lights will only turn on when motion is detected. This way you do not keep lights on that you do not need on all the time. This will cut your utility costs considerably.

Use Power Strips

If you use power strips, this will make it easier for you to conserve on utility costs. When you are ready to leave, just flipping off the power strip switch will turn everything off at one time. This makes it far easier to cut back on unnecessary costs associated with electrical use. If you need to beef up your buildings electric grid to accommodate using more power strips, then you may want to contact electrical contractors to have them give you access to more plugs and a more stable power system.

Insulation and Weather Stripping

If you want to better control the temperature in your small health business, then you will need to weather strip areas where you feel a draft entering or exiting your building. You will also want to insulate your attic. This will prevent warm air from escaping in the winter time, and improve your utility costs.

Use Energy Star Appliances

From your breakroom to your laundry room, you should always try to purchase energy star appliances. You will get your money’s worth with these appliances. Plus, you should notice that some of your utility costs are eliminated when using more efficient appliances.


Your small health business is really turning into a hot success. Things are running much smoother now that you are no longer paying out so much in utility costs. If you keep looking for areas to reduce cost, you will strip your small health business down to being a very efficiently run business model.