Before you can choose the birthing option that’s right for you, it’s crucial to talk to both your partner and doctor first. Your partner is an important aspect of this special journey, so make sure they’re involved every step of the way. Fully understanding what you both need and want from this experience will greatly help you choose which option to take.

Just like everything else in life, rarely do things every go as planned. Therefore, it’s always best to have a good back-up plan just in case. Some women want a natural delivery when the time comes, but that’s not always the case. Some will find themselves experiencing a C-section after pushing for many hours with no success of delivering the baby.


What are Your Delivery Options?

Whether your health care practitioner is a midwife, OB-GYN, or some other type of highly qualified health care provider who can safely deliver the baby, they will help you decide which birthing option is more appropriate for your unique circumstances. Here are some more common delivery options:


1. Home Birth

Some women choose to deliver their baby in their own comfortable surroundings at home. This ultimately enables them to have much more control over the experience. But, a hospital birth can also provide you with the necessary technology for any potential situation that may arise.


2. C-Section

In recent years, this delivery option has gained a great deal of popularity. Many physicians will claim that they only use a C-section as their last remaining option due to little or no progress during delivery. However, if it’s necessary to have one, the doctor will let you know before it happens and talk through the various scenarios.


3. Doula

When you’re in the throes of childbirth, encouraging and supportive words are welcome and needed. As a result, some women choose to use a Doula while in labor. A Doula is a non-medical expert that supports you throughout the entire birthing experience for both emotional and physical support. Delivering a baby is more of a mental process than most people realize. Therefore, that extra support can make a huge difference for the mother.


4. The Professional’s Discretion

Sometimes what we want as a birthing option isn’t feasible because of complications. If your pregnancy is considered ‘high-risk’ for whatever reason, then a hospital would most likely be the safest place for you to deliver your newborn baby. High-risk obstetricians, like Dr Gilbert Webb, can help an expecting mother narrow her birthing options to what is best for her and her child. Even low-risk pregnant mothers often choose to deliver in a safe hospital setting where the latest medical technology is readily available just in case any unforeseen complications arise.


5. Squatting

Squatting is how many tribal women give birth to their children since gravity works in their favor in order to help deliver them naturally. However, most women give birth lying down. But, women with severe back issues may find it puts too much pressure on the spine when lying down and can therefore benefit by squatting instead.


6. Medicated Birth

You’re tougher than most people if you want to give birth without any medications. Even though more and more women want to have a natural, drug-free delivery, some simply can’t tolerate the intense pain, which is completely understandable. If you choose to have medications during delivery, your doctor will offer you several different options for pain management, including spinal blocks and epidurals.


7. Water Birth

More and more hospitals today are offering water birth alternatives to expectant mothers because of the great soothing relief it generally provides for both mommy and baby. If this is something you’re interested in, talk to your partner, doctor, or health care practitioner to determine if it’s right for you.


Your little baby’s daily kicks are a strong reminder that soon you’ll see their sweet smile face-to-face. No matter which type of birthing experience you ultimately choose, make sure you talk to both your obstetrician and your partner so you can fully understand all your available options and experience ideal results.