A chiropractor is a doctor that specializes in chiropractic practice. This type of doctor focuses on the use of alternative medicine with the intention of treating musculoskeletal system complications. These medical treatments are done through various forms of spinal manipulation, which helps to alleviate the pain and other related symptoms, and can work towards permanently fixing the problem.

Chiropractors do all the necessary work to diagnose and treat their musculoskeletal system disorders. They also help work with patients that are looking to undergo preventative methods to limit the risk of developing these disorders. Chiropractic treatment works to effectively treat the symptoms and complications that may arise from issues with the musculoskeletal system, and works to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Chiropractor Job Description

The purpose of a doctor of chiropractic practice is to ensure that a patient returns to good health. This includes accomplishing pain relief and improving their mobility. The doctor will be required to utilize their hands to put particular types of pressure on the joints of the patient to achieve positive results in treatment. There will be many different types of pains that will need to be treated, which may affect various areas such as the lower back, neck, and in muscles. Sports injuries may also be handled by a doctor of chiropractic practice.

The main goal for a chiropractic is to achieve pain relief and better the mobility of their patient. This allows their patient to get back to their normal health and returns them to proper mobility levels. All this is done when dealing with acute and chronic pain, disorders, muscle, joint, and posture complications, and sports related injuries.

This practice uses a more holistic method of handling patients. It incorporates not just the physical factors, but the social and psychological factors in the musculoskeletal system problems as well. Chiropractics understand the importance of dealing with fellow medical practitioners. These treatment methods are put in place to support natural healing as it does not incorporate any drug use or surgical procedures to treat the problems at hand.

The chiropractor job description includes the following:

  • Perform spinal adjustments and other bodily adjustments  with the purpose of correcting the musculoskeletal system
  • Perform medical examinations with focus on the patient’s posture and spinal condition
  • Diagnose any health problems by looking at the patient‘s medical history and information provided during observational questions and examination
  • Monitor neuromuscular skeletal system functioning and spinal performance through chiropractic diagnosis – monitor the patient’s vital signs
  • Perform medical testing as required
  • Create a treatment plan and management plan that is to be followed by the patient
  • Utilize special chiropractic equipment for treatment purposes
  • Modify the joints of the spine via the use of special devices and bare hands
  • Inform patients on the appropriate exercises to help rehabilitate and achieve speedy recovery
  • Complete paperwork and keep a medical file for each patient
  • Maintain complete client confidentiality for their medical files and other paperwork

How to Become a Chiropractor

To enrol in a chiropractic school, students must meet all the following necessary requirements: a minimum of 90 undergraduate credits(24 must be in Life and Physical Sciences) and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. However, some chiropractic school may have other specific requirements. Make sure you check with the institution before the application process.

Chiropractor Education and Training

To obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, you must first complete a minimum of 3 years in undergraduate education. Followed by a four year doctorate program through one of the 15 accredited chiropractic schools in the United States. . You can reference any of the accredited programs through the Council on Chiropractic Education

Training to work as a chiropractor throughout a four year program will require you to complete some work in a classroom setting. You will also have supervised experience in a clinical environment. The classroom assignments will require two years of time. This will cover physiology, biology, and numerous other subjects. After this, you will have two years where you are working under supervision in a clinical environment.

Chiropractor Certification

All chiropractors must be licensed before they are allowed to practice. The requirements for licensure will differ depending on where you are located and where you plan to practice within the country. However, all applicants must pass an written and clinical evaluation exam administered by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  Continuing education credits each year is also necessary to keep the license renewed and up to date.

Chiropractor Salary

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Chiropractor Job Description Summary

  • Treat musculoskeletal system complications
  • 3 year undergraduate education minimum
  • 4 year doctorate program
  • Must be licensed to practice
  • 15% employment growth by 2022