Estheticians focus on cosmetic skin care treatment; meaning they can guide you on how to access  the best skin care, and even do extractions and cleansing to help your skin become smoother. However, they cannot prescribe medication to treat intense acne. Even so, the services they provide are a plus for any individual who needs their skin problems dealt with.

Esthetician Job Description

An esthetician focuses on helping clients improve their skin appearance using different cosmetics and in applying such products, the overall appearance is also enhanced –estheticians are paid to make their clients look beautiful. Estheticians can also help clients detect serious skin conditions and subsequently refer them to a dermatologist.

In addition, estheticians assist their patrons with facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and mild acne. Though, highly skilled estheticians offer deeper chemical peels under the supervision of a dermatologist. Tenured professionals can guide clients on the skin care products to use and treatments options to go for as well. They may also suggest homemade treatments to help individuals maintain healthy looking skin.

Estheticians may work on part time or full time basis, and they may provide their services in spas, salons, or resorts .While they are often mistaken for cosmetologists, estheticians are more knowledgeable about skincare treatments than the cosmetologists. These beauty professionals have extensive knowledge on allergies that may affect different skin types, and they are also informed on the complications that may come about when the wrong products are applied in skin treatment.

A typical esthetician has the following job duties:
  • schedule consultations with clients
  • provide services for skin treatment
  • extract pore blockages
  • advise clients on how to take proper care of their skin
  • perform different specialty procedures such as light chemical peels

How to become an Esthetician

Anyone who wishes to learn about skin care can sign up for training in any of the esthetician training institutions as long as they are 16 and have a high school diploma. Though not mandatory, competence in mathematics and reading are also essential. Also, most of the programs demand that a student covers the theory aspect of the program before going into the practical sessions.

The classes provided for esthetician programs are accessible both online and in physical establishments, meaning interested persons are not obliged to attend lessons in person. People who create connections in the course of this type of training have better chances of securing jobs once they complete their courses.

Esthetician Courses

Esthetician courses focus on skin care or cosmetology, and they cover a number of areas including makeup application, skin care, cosmetic chemistry, hair removal and human anatomy. People enrolled for such programs also have to go for internship in order to gain some hands-on experience, and this facilitates better performance once the individual gets an opportunity to work in the industry.

Esthetician Training

Individuals who intend to work as estheticians have to cover a number of courses to enable them to work competently once they start out on the job. The courses are offered under certificate, diploma and degree curriculums in cosmetology and esthetician schools. The certificate programs cover general education as well as the processes applied by estheticians in providing skin care. On the other hand, diploma programs are more centered on the theory aspects. In esthetician courses, the theory part covers a number of procedures which include:

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Application of makeup for men
  • Facial massage
  • Deep cleansing
  • Facial masks
  • Dietician certification

The programs run for different length of time; some take between 4 to 6 months while others may run for as long as 12 months. On completion of the course, an individual has to take an exam and pass it before they can be issued with a license. With the required training and licensing, estheticians can work as manicurists, makeup artists or even salon managers.

Esthetician Certification

Apart from being comfortable with dealing with clients, estheticians must be approachable, and knowledgeable of their clients’ skin care needs. Also certification is not an option – everyone who wants to venture into this field has to be certified. Such documentation can only be obtained upon completion of training, and the qualifications can help one gain a competitive edge in the industry. There are numerous opportunities available for advancement in the beauty industry; though, obtaining additional qualifications can increase the demand for an individual’s skills.

Esthetician Salary

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Esthetician Job Description Summary

Here is a short recap of the esthetician job description:
  • Provides cosmetic skin care treatment
  • 4 to 12 months certificate program
  • Must be certified to practice
  • 40% employment growth by 2022