According to the Federal Statistics Office of Germany, the healthcare sector consists of the largest and most vibrant sectors in their economy. Taking into consideration the large privately funded products and services, there are in total over 5 million jobs in the healthcare field in GermanyAs long as someone is born in Germany or becomes a legal resident of the country, they are all entitled to healthcare. Most people also have some kind of health insurance, since it has become illegal not to be insured in this country.

In recent years, there has been an increase of foreign doctors coming to Germany from other parts of the European Union, thus making the competition for medical jobs high. Generally, many healthcare facilities prefer to hire EU doctors since there are less restrictions. If one is not an EU doctor, they would have to provide documentation showing their education and training is similar to Germany’s. In addition, the employer is required to prove they have posted the position for at least three months and have not found the right EU candidate. There are some exceptions made for other residents seeking jobs for doctors in Germany. Some of these include Canada, Japan, Israel, USA and New Zealand but these positions will only be available for a set period of time since work permits will expire.

If one is seeking employment as a registered nurse in Germany, they would need a state license. Other EU nurses who are looking for employment in Germany can acquire a temporary license and are not required to have a state license. According to the National Research unit as of October 2007, Germany currently does not have many regulations for nurses. This means that the term Registered Nurse is void. Although, they are starting to implement BSc degrees for nursing. Currently, there are plenty of different jobs for nurses in Germany for foreigners. If you would like to have a permanent position as a nurse in Germany, you would need to be fluent in German and also be able to read and write the language. Have a look at this website for more information.