If you are like many other people, you do your best to stay healthy through a nutritious diet, regular exercise and more. Your goal may be to live as long as possible, to retain a youthful appearance and to ward off the development of serious health conditions. Some people, however, are not as fortunate, and they may suffer from many types of degenerative, genetic or other types of conditions. As a healthy individual, you have the incredible opportunity to use your health to help others in different ways. These are some of the many ways for you to get involved in the creation of lifesaving medicine.

Blood and Plasma Donations

Blood and plasma donations are needed by individuals in many situations. For example, after a serious accident or while in surgery, a blood transfusion may be needed in order to sustain life. Blood and plasma are often needed in large quantities after a serious disaster or catastrophe occurs. In addition, leukocytes in leukopaks have lifesaving potentials and are available through donations. Stem cells may also be used for important clinical research and procedures, and they may be donated or harvested. Keep in mind that you typically must be in excellent health and pass an intense screening procedure in order to donate blood, plasma, stem cells and more. Tissues, bone marrow and even some organs could be donated as well.

Trials and Lab Tests

In addition to donating blood, plasma and more, you may also participate in various trials and lab tests from time to time. These are not limited to healthy individuals. For example, individuals with specific types of cancer may participate in cancer treatment lab trials. However, healthy individuals may participate in sleep studies, nutrition studies and more. In some cases, individuals with a mild condition, such as allergies or asthma, may be able to participate in these trials and tests because they are otherwise healthy. Research the possible health effects before participating in these trials and studies.

Staying healthy may require regular effort for some people, but others must focus more intently on their health because of serious medical conditions and diseases. As a healthy individual, you have the incredible opportunity to help others through the donation of bodily fluids, tissues and more. You may also assist with the development of safe medications, treatments and more. Now is a great time to begin learning more about the many ways that you can use your health to help others live longer and healthier lives as well.