Hazmat package testing is a very important job. Testing Hazmat packages ensures the safety of others when the Hazmat is transported.

If you are interested in testing Hazmat packages, you will need to pass Hazmat package training. In addition, you will need to take continuing education on hazmat material every three years after the first completion of the training.

The reasons why Hazmat training is important, where you can take classes to qualify for the job, and what you will learn in the classes are discussed below.

An example of a hazardous material

Why is Hazmat Package Training Important?

Exposure to hazardous material can be very harmful to people and the environment. Proper packaging and handling of the hazmat material will ensure safety.

In accordance with the U.S. DOT Hazardous Material Regulations, any person who prepares a hazmat package for transport must complete and pass mandatory testing. The course must be DOT certified to satisfy the U.S. DOT Hazardous Material Regulations requirements.

Hazmat Package Training Classes

Hazmat package training classes can now be taken on-site, in a classroom, or online.

DOT approved Hazmat Package Testing classes are offered for general awareness training, medical courier training, and shipping specimens and dry ice training.

What is Taught in Hazmat Package Training Classes?

General awareness training covers all of the basics in hazmat packaging and shipping. For example, how to read and understand Hazmat regulations, how to label/classify hazmat material, and how to sign/fill out hazmat shipping papers. In addition, you will learn how to package and load shipments and load/unload motor vehicles.More complicated training includes learning how to perform as a hazmat shipping operations supervisor and how to train future hazmat employees. Medical courier training covers all of the issues a medical courier must be familiar with, such as OSHA and DOT regulations. Shipping specimens and dry ice training focuses on the proper handling of infectious substances, biological substances, patient specimens, small chemicals, and dry ice.

It is important to take Hazmat package testing if you are considering working with Hazmat material. Taking the class will prepare you for this job, where you will ensure the safety of others during the transportation of Hazmat material. You can review and choose which classes will best suit your needs in obtaining Hazmat Package Testing requirements.