If you have seen the work of health service providers and are inspired to help support the cause, there are proactive ways to get involved and do something good for society. Pitching in to help provide health services doesn’t always have to involve becoming a doctor or going through extensive schooling. Any of these four options can help you get an excellent start in assisting the health care industry.

Organize a Blood Drive

Blood banks need blood from donors regularly to give to people who are undergoing surgery or need blood to help treat certain medical conditions. You can organize a blood drive at your school, workplace or religious or civic institution and encourage others to sign up to give blood. The American Red Cross and similar organizations offer tools that can help you organize a blood drive and run it effectively.

Become an Instructor

You can become an instructor and lead classes on how to perform CPR, first aid and other lifesaving techniques correctly. The knowledge that you attain can be shared with businesses, schools and other types of groups so that everyone can learn how to possibly save a life in an emergency situation. In addition to becoming certified yourself in one of these emergency aid fields, you’ll need to receive instructor training at an approved center, and some programs have a six-month duration period that all students are required to go through to become certified instructors.

Become a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant works to help doctors perform a variety of patient care duties to save time and render faster, more efficient treatment. There are medical assistant programs at accredited schools that last from a couple of months to up to two years and can teach you everything you need to know and offer you certification to work in this field. As a medical assistant, you’ll be responsible for performing duties such as checking patients’ blood pressure, updating medical records and helping with office procedures.

Collect Medical Supplies

Health care facilities, paramedics and other health service providers sometimes run low on medical supplies, and you can help by collecting items from willing donors. You can try asking local dentist’s offices, construction companies and other businesses that might use gloves, masks or respiratory aids if they’d be willing to donate any surplus items in their stock for the cause. Doing the work of collecting these items can save health service providers the time and trouble of having to go through the efforts themselves.

Being of service to the health care field is a great way to improve people’s lives while fulfilling your passion for helping others. Getting started on this journey isn’t always so difficult and can be accomplished easier with the right resources.