Modern Medicine How Labs Everywhere are Impacting Health Care Today

The health care options have grown and expanded throughout the last decade. There are new technologies being developed by scientists every day. Some have taken years to research and develop, but with a real time goal in sight they have worked diligently to find and develop the means to treat an illness that has heretofore eluded them.


Interoperability has become a much needed component of healthcare reform and provides a value based delivery. Healthcare providers across the network need to find a leverage care setting to ensure that a patient will receive the appropriate care and that this is done in a cost effective and efficient way. In order to accomplish this the healthcare providers need access to care plans and clinical information to allow for decision making at the point of care they need interoperable IT which gives them access in real time.

Accountable Care

IT and labs technicians have developed software programs for use in medical offices that allows them to view all of your healthcare medical files electronically. If you are referred to another doctor, they can now make that appointment for you before you leave the office with an automatic approval from your health care plan. Because of the new technology that has been developed the doctor that you were referred to can see your entire health picture because of the electronic medical records. If you are given a prescription this is also electronically sent to the pharmacy for you. Your doctor’s office will give you information on how to set up a portal to their office enabling you to view the test or examination results without having to return to his office again.

Electric Laboratory Stirrers

Technicians who operate the lab equipment that is used to process the samples sent to them are trained to maintain and operate all the instruments used in accessing these samples. In order to minimize any risk of contamination to the samples they use these instruments to ensure a correct reading of the sample. There are several types of a machine called a laboratory stirrer which they use to dry samples and evaporate liquids. They depend on electric laboratory stirrers to mix components to get consistent liquid mixtures. A common example is a protein dialysis which requires several hours or an overnight sample mixing and is sensitive to bacterial contamination.

In conclusion, the modern technology has had a very large impact on health care in the world today. Where it sometimes took weeks to diagnose an illness and more time to decide how to treat the malady, it can now be done in a matter of hours or a few days at most.