Substance abuse comes in many forms, and many Americans are being affected either directly or indirectly. Nurses are doing their part to fight this problem that is affecting some families. The following are a few ways nurses are making a difference.

Knowledge Matters

One of the most important functions that nurses play is informing patients about the real dangers of substance abuse. Some people are misinformed about the risks, making it easier for them to continue abusing the drug or drugs. It doesn’t take a Nurse Administration Degree to get into the fight against substance abuse. Nurses are also aware of the treatments available to patients to fight this type of abuse. Nurses help people understand why addiction can be damaging to a person’s life, which can lead to someone seeking help.

Emotional Support

There is no doubt about the fact that conquering an addiction is not easy. There are serious physical withdrawal symptoms amongst many other things. It takes a lot of willpower to go through these addiction treatments, and emotional support can help some people get over the finish line. Nurses can provide effective emotional support since they have not only been trained to know what to say but understand what the patient is going through.

Medication Duty

An addiction program can be hard on the body. There are times when medications are necessary to help a patient go through some of the serious symptoms. A nurse is given enough information about a person to know what medications to administer and the proper dosages. Sometimes, nurses deny administration of more medicine and is trained to do this in a way that is not confrontational.

Monitoring Treatment

Nurses are trained to help monitor a person through a treatment program. Substance abusers may have to endure strong withdrawal symptoms, which can be quite taxing. Properly administered medications can help, but the body may go into shock amongst other serious side effects. The nurse is there to help monitor the body’s reaction to the withdrawals and medication. Nurses also help ensure that the patient is resting enough and is adequately hydrated to continue the fight against substance abuse.

Nurses play a critical role in the fight against substance abuse. Yes, the statistics regarding substance are quite dire, but nurses are doing their part to reverse these trends. Hopefully, there are enough nurses just like you who are willing to do the work to fight for people who really need the help.