Health issues that are related to the well being of masses are the matter of government concern for any country. To ensure safety and healthy living of its citizen government can plan out some rules and regulation as well. Many of the countries are practicing such insurance services under the government organizations.

Many countries use to pay for the medical insurance of their citizens form a single government fund. A scheme of paying health insurance premium for citizens of any country, by the government of that particular state, through a sole public body from a particular fund is known as single payer structure. This type of system can have public or private health care delivery system or blend of both systems. It can be administered by any agency, under the government control. It is also known or can also be defined as universal health care system.

Among the various countries, Canada also contains the single payer system which is based on income scale. This is why most of the people in the state use to carry same sort of health plan, covering similar benefits as well. Doctor’s payout in Canada is comparatively less than that of American medical practitioners and that is why, mostly, Canadian doctors use to look forward towards America for the purpose of better employment. As another aspect of Canadian health care issues, most of the Americans also use to prefer low cost Canadian pharmacies in case of less costly medication which is not covered under the expensive insurance system of America.

Concurrently, Obamacare consists of public and private insurance along with private healthcare which facilitates the low cost medicines which creates a huge business competition to the local and expensive pharmaceuticals. As American health insurance is expensive in nature due to the tie ups of the medical corporations with the government, this low cost medication option in Obamacare policy is considered as one of the major cons of Obamacare. Since it gives access to affordable health care insurance to weaker section of the society and at the same time many new taxes are being levied upon the high income group of country. Insurance claimed is often settled from the funds of federal as well as state government.


Financial deficit is the state when the expenditure exceeds nation receipts. Whenever government ensures its citizens with health insurance, it causes extra stress on the state finances which results in widening of the fiscal deficit as the fund used in the services is drawn from the government receipt. There is always a list of pros and cons of universal health care. Should healthcare be government’s responsibility? It is a moral responsibility of every government to provide healthcare support to its citizen as mandatory human right, backed by the proper constitutional provisions.