Doctors have to maintain high standards because people’s lives are at stake. They are making life-saving decisions that affect the patients they are serving. As a result, doctors undergo stress due to the demands of the job. They have a high workload and want to keep their patients happy. Being a doctor is definitely not easy, but it is well worth it for sure! However, if you are considering becoming a doctor be sure to take the time to consider what it really takes to work in the medical field.

Stress and Meeting Demands

According to Health Services Research, doctors have an increased risk of anxiety and depression due to the demands of the job. Patients expect doctors to save or cure them of whatever ails them. Because of their work expectations, doctors experience fatigue and burnout. The ones who cannot cope with the stress turn to substance abuse and cut corners. Research studies show doctors experience stress and burnout because of their training. In medical school, they have to juggle the high demands of exams while maintaining high standards. Students who cannot keep up feel helpless, incompetent, and useless. The excessive workload has a negative psychological impact. It makes them angry, guilty, and suicidal. While on the job, doctors repeat the same behavior they experienced while in medical school. Their patients expect them to save their lives. If doctors cannot save their patient’s lives, they feel helpless, angry, and guilty. On top of the stress, doctors have to follow aggregate spending requirements, as well as many other requirements that can be extremely demanding.


High Workload

Doctors have to take care of several patients in a short timeframe. They skip from one patient to the next while leaving others waiting for service. As a result, doctors feel burdened, trying to meet the needs of their patients. They do not get to discuss all the treatment options the patient needs.


Keeping Patients Happy

People go to doctors with the expectations of getting a cure for their illnesses. In reality, doctors do not have the fix for these diseases. Patients with chronic conditions expect more from their doctors. They want a pill to stop the pain they are feeling. The prescriptions the doctors give the patients treat the symptoms of the illness but not cure it. Doctors know this, but due to the demand of their patients, they prescribe the medicine.


If a patient requires a particular medication, believing it will cure him or her, doctors will adhere to the patient. According to Science Daily, doctors will prescribe antibiotics if their patients think it will cure them of their illnesses. Despite the resistance the heavy usage causes, doctors would rather keep their patients happy.

Being a doctor is an honorable profession, but it comes with a hefty price. Most doctors experience stress and a high workload. They strive to keep their patients happy. If doctors cannot save their patients, it makes them feel angry, helpless, and guilty.