When growing up, popular choices for a child’s future career generally includes police officers, firefighters and lawyers. However, one that is often overlooked is the pharmacist. Maybe you’re interested in becoming a pharmacist or perhaps you’re already one who is in need of some reaffirmation in their career choice. Here are 5 reasons why becoming a pharmacist is the right thing to do with your life.
The Top 5 Benefits Of Being A Pharmacist

Pharmacists Are In Demand

Thanks to technological growth in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as an ever-growing elderly population, there is currently a high demand for pharmacists. Furthermore, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy predicts a shortfall in the United States of as many as 157,000 pharmacists by 2020. By that number, demand could very well only go up from there.


Pharmacists Are Financially Secure

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for pharmacists in May 2015 was $121,000. The lowest 10% of pharmacists made less than $86,000. In regards to income, pharmacists enjoy a hefty salary demand. If you factor in the current demand for pharmacists, that median income could only go up.


You Get To Directly Interact With Patients

Pharmacies are usually located in grocery stores or residential neighborhoods. This means pharmacists get to work with people who live in the nearby area. The accessibility that this provides isn’t to be overlooked, as their patients can develop a close relationship with their pharmacist.


Pharmacists Can Work Virtually Anywhere

Some careers find themselves in a very niche environment. Sure, some people enjoy raising cattle but they can’t very well bottle-feed a calf in the middle of a downtown metropolitan. A pharmacy can be located from a far-flung country town to the heart of a bustling city. Pharmacists enjoy a location flexibility that many positions find enviable.


You Get To Help People

Many professions get to claim that they help people, but working in the medical field takes that bragging right one step further. You get to help people get well. Doctors, nurses and, yes, the pharmacist all get to enjoy the fact that their job is to help people heal. It’s a calling that only a handful of careers get to fulfill.


As if the above reasons weren’t enough you can learn about the Drug Care and Security Act. This act made in 2013 has increased standards for the pharmaceutical process and should only improve security for the pharmacist profession. Hopefully, your outlook on pharmacists is now bit brighter. The decision to become a pharmacist should never be a bitter pill to swallow.