Health care is an industry and for it to be operational it should be treated as just that. This concept has always been true, even more so in the today’s reimbursement and insurance environment. This has made physician, health care and hospital marketing even more important than ever.

And this is where the role of PR comes in the picture.

An effective media relations drive educates and informs the world about the changes in healthcare industry. Used properly, PR builds the hospital’s brand reputation and also the patient base; it can guide the new perspectives and concepts while shaping the idea of a community.

With major changes taking a toll in the healthcare industry, the medical providers must understand that they are prone to the same market, media changes and pressures like any other business.

This understanding and need to maintain a good image in the industry, while keeping the business strong has increased the demand of PR professionals in the healthcare sector.

If you too wish to make a career in this concentrated segment, you can rest assured of a continuous success and early growth in salary.

How to be ready for a Career in PR?

A career in PR, irrespective of the industry, is a very exciting one. Starting with the patients, hospital board to the media, a PR professional will have to be in contact and work with everyone.

To succeed in this niche market, you will have to stand out from the competition. To help with this, the correct course related decisions will come in handy.

Here is how to take them…

  1. Choose the right course

You should enroll in any of the following courses: advertising, brand management, business communication, events management, or media management. You can also opt for a specific PR course that includes all these studies. While you can join the PR industry at the back of any course, as this is the era of passion, but it is seen that a degree in Mass Comm. or the courses mentioned above makes it easier to grow in this industry.

  1. Choose from the top colleges offering a course in PR

A number of colleges offers a course in this field, but a few of the world’s top PR colleges are University of Derby, Brunel University, and Glasgow Caledonian University, etc. These institutes have created a niche because of their teaching standards, extensive course structure, active placement body, and industry exposure.

Getting admission in one of these colleges, will surely prepare you for the nuances of the PR industry.

While the right course and college should handle the placement issue for most of the students, seeing the number of PR students to Hospitals ratio, you cannot just rely on them. It is important that you practice the skills that shows your potential to the recruiters. Some of those skills that will help you find your way around while managing hospital’s media relations are – networking, communication, listening, and decision-making. Put yourself in situations where you get to use these abilities, this will provide the necessary experiences.

A career in PR in a niche industry like Healthcare can be extremely rewarding both in terms of pay and learning. In college, make sure you get a hang of how this field works and are prepared for a make a mark in it.


By Tripti Rai

Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.