4 Reasons A Nursing Career Might Be The Perfect Path For You

According to a 2011 World Health Statistics Report, there are 19.3 million nurses and midwives around the globe. As the most common healthcare profession, nursing is a career path high in demand. In India alone there is a need for more than 2.4 million nurses.

Deciding what to do with your future can be challenging, but with enough thought and consideration, it can be one of the best life-changing choices you ever make. And for those who decide to go into nursing, the potential for a satisfying and rewarding career is remarkably high. Here are four perfect reasons to take the first steps.

1. Make A Difference In The World

The most common incentive to become a nurse is the opportunity that it gives you to have a positive impact on those around you. From your patients, to your coworkers, to your community, your contributions as a nurse will be immeasurable. Whether you save a life or save the day, those around you will be glad that you’re a nurse.

2. Make A Difference In Yourself

Nursing informatics is an incredibly rewarding career: not only do these everyday superheroes get to see the impact that they make on others every day, but they also get to work in an environment that allows them to thrive. Nursing allows for incredible career advancement through experience, education, and dedication—so achieving ambitious career goals is far from impossible.

3. Excitement & Diversity

As a nurse, you’ll work in a fast-paced environment where each day is different. You won’t get bored with your career or feel as though you’re stuck in a dead-end job, and in the long term, the flexibility of this profession allows nurses to work in a variety of specialties and practices based on the education and certification they obtain.

4. The Logistics

When it comes to practicality, nursing is a highly favorable career. The hard work that it takes to become a nurse pays off, because Registered Nurses make an average of Rs 233,069 a year. Additionally, nurses are always in high demand (which means that they have great job security) and they get to work on highly flexible schedules. Logistically speaking, nursing has some seriously weighty perks.

If you’re looking for a career that will enable you to help others, nursing may be the perfect profession for you. Although the schooling can be rigorous, time spent helping others will surely fulfill you. There are a variety of reasons why so many men and women dedicate their lives to this profession.