Most people want their careers to mean something. They want to make a difference in the world. This is a very noble aim, and you should be lauded for it. If making a difference matters to you, consider any of these high-impact careers.

Public Administrator

Public administrators keep local municipalities running and providing for their residents. This makes this career a high-impact one anyone who wants to make a difference should consider. There are a number of different areas a public administrator can focus on, including public health, public policy or water treatment, among many others. You will typically need a degree in public administration to work in this profession.

Social Worker

The life of a social worker can be hard, but it can also be one of the most satisfying professions you can pursue. As a social worker, you will work with many underprivileged people to improve their lives. This improves communities and the world at large, because any one person you work with might also go on to great things if given the chance. You can choose to specialize, such as with the homeless or with children. To find work in this occupation, you will need a degree in social work, and many jobs will require a master’s degree.

Healthcare Administration

If you want to go into the healthcare field but don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, healthcare administration is an excellent option. Healthcare administration arguably has a higher impact than other jobs in the healthcare industry because administrators have the power to change how the system is run. For example, it’s been suggested that using evidence-based practices will improve the healthcare field substantially in the US. If you work in administration, you can implement these practices as well as impact the lives of every patient who comes through your facility.

International Relations

Going into international relations gives you numerous opportunities to make a difference in the world. These jobs can be for governments or for private companies, both of which can make a difference in the lives of people here as well as people in other countries. Going into international relations will help bring the world together into the globalized society we are becoming. The ability to speak another language is very useful for this profession, so you can either learn to speak a new one or focus on a country where you already speak the language.

There are many careers that can change the world. Whether you have a radiology degree or a masters in social work, you can make a difference. However, the four outlined above are among the most high-impact. If you strongly want your career to make a difference, these options are a good place to start.