Nurses have one of the toughest jobs in the world to do. They are medical professionals who are in charge of patient care and comfort. Oftentimes the quality of a patient’s experience depends on the demeanor of their nurse. Nursing is a caring career with rigorous training. Once a person obtains their nursing degree, though, there are several life paths they can take from there. Here are four ways to use nursing as a launchpad for success:


Look into pediatric nursing.

Pediatric nursing is a great idea if you enjoy being around children and have a calm, caring demeanor. Children are often in need of care, and this is especially true of sick children. If you want to work with children, pediatric nursing is the easiest way you can use your nursing career to be successful at what you love.


Look into home health nursing.

Unlike being at the hospital or doctor’s office all day, home health nurses provided care directly in their patients’ homes. This is especially important for patients who are bedbound or too sick to leave their homes. If you have a nursing degree, and you want to work with patients one-on-one rather than having to look after several people at once, home health nursing is a great career path.


Consider being a nursing education professional.

You’ve done the work and become a nurse. You have all the qualifications you need to care for people. Why not teach others? Becoming a nursing education professional is a good way to share what you’ve learned and ensure more high-quality nurses enter the medical field. Since you already have a nursing degree and a wealth of experience, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work for a masters in nursing education. This is an especially good choice if you are exhausted by the emotional labor required to care for sick people. Nursing can take a lot out of a person. Teaching is a good way to revive your enthusiasm and remember the best parts of your profession.


Become a leader in your workplace.

Regardless of the specific nursing job you’re doing, you can step up as a leader. Get to know the quality of patient care in your workplace. Find out more about your colleagues. If there is room for improvement in your workplace, stepping up to a leadership position is a great way to enact change. You can take on new responsibilities in the workplace to secure leadership positions. Sometimes making sure everything runs smoothly is a gift all by itself.


The right path to take as a nurse depends greatly on what you prioritize as a person. If you want to work around children, pediatric nursing may be for you. If you want a calmer job, home nursing might be the right fit. If you want more responsibility, see about leadership roles you can take on. And if you want to pass on your knowledge, consider becoming a nursing education professional. There are dozens of doors open. You just need to pick one.