As the baby boomer generation continues to age, demand for healthcare will rise considerably. Those able to find advanced and specialized roles within the field will stand to make tremendous strides professionally. Here are a few ways to carve out a rewarding and lucrative role in the field.


Education is a cornerstone of climbing the ladder in the health field, and earning a degree or certificate may be mandatory in certain roles. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available; those looking to advance from an RN to a nurse practitioner online, for example, will have plenty of outlets to choose from. Furthermore, local colleges provide coursework as well, and night courses can let you continue working while receiving your education.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Healthcare is a field where patient interaction is key, and those able to demonstrate strong soft skills will gain an edge on other candidates. Soft skills also deals with working with fellow staff members. Communication is critical for running a medical facility, and focusing on prompt and clean communication can make you a valuable employee.


Although the concept of networking is often discussed in the business world, it’s also useful in medical fields. Attend local events for healthcare workers, and order some business cards to hand out. In many fields, knowing people is the best way to find opportunities. The medical field is no exception. Feel free to attend more general networking events as well. Even if you mostly meet business professionals, you might connect with someone who can provide opportunities.

Find a Niche

While specialized roles already require niche knowledge, making yourself an expert in a particular area can increase your odds of landing a job. Healthcare centers often advertise based on specific expertise, so becoming an expert makes you valuable. Furthermore, your expertise can make you more helpful to others at your practice, ensuring your value to the practice as a whole.


Opportunities for volunteer work are common in the medical field. Volunteering puts you in contact with other medical professionals, which increases your chances of meeting people who can offer advancement opportunities. Furthermore, volunteer work helps you hone your skills, giving you valuable experience. Volunteer work also shows you enjoy the field of medicine, which sends a strong message to potential employers and partners.

Demand for healthcare employees will continue to rise. However, advanced positions can be competitive, and it’s important to separate yourself from others to stand out. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities available in all parts of the healthcare field.