The medical field is one that is often sought for careers that are lucrative in pay and one that has ample jobs to choose from. While the medical field may seem to be all glitz and glamour, there are many things that people don’t know. There are numerous things that go on behind the scenes that make everything work like a fine oiled machine. Here are 5 things about the medical field that you had no clue about.
5 Things You Didn't Know About The Medical Field
Your Wait Times Are Not The Medical Staffs Fault
Each hospital or medical center has quotas of patients they must see each day. These numbers will not only keep their bottom line in check, but it also ensures that they can get patients in to see their doctors in a timely fashion. Most medical professionals are overworked. Take for instance the sonogram expert that does the sonography for injuries and pregnant women; they often do the job of 3 people. They are busy because they have so many people to see and only so much time to do it in. Luckily they have been a part of a sonography program that provides them with the proper training they need. As far as doctors, a physician can see up to 65 patients a day.

Your Nurse or Doctor Isn’t Trying To Be Insensitive or Mean
Do you know that to work in the medical field you must suppress your emotional side? If a patient sees their doctor or nurse falling to pieces, it is likely going to make them even more upset. Your doctor or nurse isn’t trying to be mean to you, but they could not work this job if they became emotional over every patient. Sure, your sickness and medical tests bother them too, they just don’t show it.

Eight out of Ten Hospital Bills Have Errors
We’ve all heard all kinds of rumors about padding hospital bills and such. However, a study found that eight out of ten hospital bills actually contained errors. Make sure to check over your bills, as you may find something that is not right.

98,000 People Die Each Year Due To Medical Errors
While surgeons, doctors and the entire medical team do as much as they can to help patients, still 98,000 will die each year due to errors. Having your surgery early in the morning is better, as the doctors are usually more refreshed.

One Doctor Ever Day Commits Suicide Due To The Pressure
Doctors are under a great deal of pressure. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that one doctor a day kills themselves due to making a grievous error on a patient, and or the pressure of their job.