There are quite a few health careers to choose from. Finding one that provides an opportunity to make a substantial difference should not be a challenge. Most people consider doctors, nurses, and pharmacist great options for making a tangible impact. The more education a professional in the medical field has, the more they benefit patients. It is not unusual to see doctors with a M.D. and a PhD. Nurses and pharmacists can also hold multiple degrees.

Becoming a Doctor

One of the noblest jobs in the medical field is that of a doctor. While it is the priciest health career to attain, the time and money spent pay huge dividends to society. There are a variety of specialties to train in that will lead to a rewarding life. Healing others by age group, could be a factor in the decision regarding a specialty. For example, pediatrics is as broad as working with adults only. Children have their own set of needs and special equipment that adults do not. In addition to patient care, medical doctors can use their training in academia, research or both. The Hippocratic Oath is an example of the strong intentions to make a difference in this health profession.

Online Masters in Nursing

Nursing is also quite a noble career choice in the medical field. With the shortage of nurses being realized in health care today, the demand for this option is increasing. Unlike doctors, the nursing degree can work in many different specialties. More options to train as a nurse has made this opportunity more accessible. For example, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is mostly done on campus. However, an online master’s in nursing is a flexible option that allows the individual to continue with a full-time career. Once a master’s is awarded, it opens the doors to the nurse practitioner degree with prescription writing authority and a DEA number. A nurse practitioner is a step away from entering medical school to become a doctor.

The Impact of a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are looked upon as authorities in every aspect of medicine. It is not uncommon for them to answer questions regarding a vast array of diseases, illnesses and drug interaction. When a person has their prescription filled, they have access to the pharmacist without an appointment. Most people probably do not think about how this health career touches a lot of lives. Pharmacist can work in a variety of places, such as hospitals, pharmacies within drug stores, and in academia and research. Some pharmacists also hold medical degrees.

While this is a list of the top three health careers in the medical field, there are others which can make a difference on society. Once the decision is made to enter the medical profession, research about the educational requirements should be understood in great detail.


By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at The Ohio State University where I studied communications. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with my 3-year-old husky Snowball.