You have always tried to keep your health practice fairly bare bones. You would only introduce expenses that you needed to, and for the most part that served you well in the past. It did not matter that your office did things slow and steady, because your competition was not running at a faster pace either. Now with everything going electronic, your competition is starting to attract some of your customers. It is not your medical advice that is in question, it is the speed and efficiency of your service. Today’s customer is fast paced, and they cannot afford to sit around waiting all day. Unfortunately, neither can you. The following are five tools to help you manage your health practice more effectively to keep pace with the competition.

Mobile Clinical Support

You and your medical staff can be faced with any number of medical challenges in your practice. Unfortunately, you cannot keep absolutely everything about the field of medicine in your head. With the help of Mobile Clinical support services, you can access all kinds of useful information by remote from new techniques and procedures to important information on drug interactions. This will not only help you be more efficient in your practice, but it can help you avoid accidentally doing harm to patients as well.

Telemedicine Options

If you want to make your health practice’s services available to more patients, then telemedicine is the way to go. Busy patients, who cannot get away from work, will be able to check in with you and your staff for medical updates and related reasons. Disabled and elderly patients, who do not drive, can also make their appointments over a secure channel, and they can receive a deeper level of medical care than in the past once telemedicine becomes an option in your health practice.

Secure Texting

Texting is at the heart of modern communication. This does not change inside the medical realm. Secure text messaging which is HIPAA compliant has become a must for many health practices that attempt to keep everyone on the same page. From appointment reminders to doctor’s instructions, patients benefit heavily from secure text messaging as an option in your health practice.

A Third Party Billing Service

Sometimes there is simply too much going on in your health practice for you and your staff to stay on top of billing issues. Yet, the billing must be carried out in a timely fashion in order for your business to receive payments on time. It is generally more efficient to outsource this task to a third party full service medical billing outfit. This way, you and your staff can remain focused on other critical office tasks that must get done throughout the daily routine.

EMR Software

While you would love to stick to paper files, it is simply no longer efficient to do so. In fact, EMR software is far quicker than your mind at pulling up random patient information on a moment’s notice. Additionally, EMR software can be integrated into larger practice software bundles that provide even more services to keep your office running efficiently. A lot of these software packages can even outfit your practice with mobile connectivity to your patient records for easier management of patients between multiple locations.


The tools exist to bring your health practice into the modern age. The only thing that is holding up progress is your missing approval. Once your practice is outfitted with many of these tech-based solutions, you will find that running your practice is many times easier than before.