In the past, it used to be that, if you wanted any kind of career within the healthcare field, you had to go to school for a minimum of two years. Nowadays, you do still need a degree or certificate for most healthcare professions, but one thing that’s different is that you can now earn many of these degrees and certificates right from the comfort of your own home. Online learning has really “changed the game” when it comes to healthcare degrees. In fact, here are five awesome healthcare degrees you can earn online.

Healthcare Management/Healthcare Administration

Recent reports indicate that a whopping 96% of hospitals have started using electronic health records. From that statistic, it’s easy to see that just about everything is going online and digital in this way, so it’s really no surprise that healthcare degrees would also be moving online.

One such degree, which you can easily get online, is a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management or healthcare administration. Within this field, you’d basically take on a hands-off administrative role, doing things like overseeing medical finances, keeping medical records, and basically making sure a medical facility runs smoothly.

Fortunately, this is an easy degree to pursue online. You can work at your own pace as you educate yourself on accounting, leadership skills, medical law, human resources, and more.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapists are in the business of helping people breathe, and really, what could be more important than that? These professionals may help people who have permanent breathing conditions, such as asthma, or they may assist in emergency situations by helping people to breathe when they are having difficulty. No matter what, they administer tried and true medications and techniques to make breathing possible, which, in turn, makes life itself possible.

For those interested in this career field, the good news is that there are several online respiratory therapy programs that can teach these skills and earn a person an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree within the field.


Did you know that 83% of adults and 92% of children will visit a doctor each year? With so many people seeking medical assistance so regularly, it’s no surprise that healthcare professionals, and nurses in particular, are in such high demand.

Fortunately, you can meet this high demand and enjoy a great job with even greater job security by pursuing an online nursing degree. You can even specialize in the specific area of nursing that most interests you.

Medical Assisting

Doctors are busy people. Not only do they have to worry about treating patients, but they also have to worry about “behind the scenes” things, such as predictive analysis techniques and protecting their practices from litigation.

Because these people are so busy and have so much on their minds, it makes sense that they could use someone to assist them with their daily medical tasks, and that is where medical assistants come in. If you think being a doctor’s “right hand man” sounds great, then this could be an online degree worth pursuing for you.

Public Health

Finally, if you want to earn an online medical degree that will be versatile and give you a lot of different options, consider a degree in public health. These degrees, which are offered as associate’s degrees all the way up to master’s degrees, can allow you to work in medical administration, become a health educator, work with the public, and so much more, making them a great option for when you know you want to work in the medical field but you’re unsure of exactly what you want to do.

As you can see, there are many great opportunities for getting a medical field education online. Explore these and other options to find the perfect degree program and the perfect career path for you!