Are trying to find your place among the large swath of professions in the medical field? There are many professions to consider, but not every medical profession will make you feel like you’ve truly made a difference at the end of the day. I’m about to tell you the top 4 medical professions that will garner you the sense of satisfaction making a difference leaves you with at the end of the day.


Social Work

In hospitals and other healthcare settings, social workers often interact with doctors, insurance agents, nursing staff to ensure the well-being of patients while at the hospital and when transitioning to other healthcare facilities. It is one of the most giving professions even if the patient may not see all the social worker does. You can even specialize in different areas by earning a Masters: substance abuse, public health, child abuse, etc. It’s even possible to enroll in an online masters in social work program so you can work at your own pace. As a social worker you might save a child from abuse; help a family afford medication for their children; make the transition to hospice easier for a patient and their family; all while helping to reduce readmission rates for patients.



Nurses were ranked the #1 most trusted profession in 2016, is able to operate in a wide variety of clinical settings and has more contact with patients than any other profession. Florence Nightingale, one most famous nurses, was known for making large contributions to the nursing profession. She dedicated her life to helping those that were sick recover from illness and saved countless lives by creating policies that are still seen throughout nursing today. Her methods improved the mortality rate from 42.7% to 2.2% in only 6 months during her time at a field hospital during the Crimean War.



Pharmacists were ranked as the #2 most trusted profession. The role of a pharmacist has changed drastically in the past few decades. Along with dispensing your medications at your local pharmacy, pharmacists now can practice in a number of clinical settings. About 50% of those prescribed medication for chronic disease do not take their medications correctly and pharmacists can help with that. One of the most famous pharmacists was Hubert Humphrey. That’s right, Hubert Humphrey, Vice President of United States of America was a pharmacist and also responsible for pushing for a bill that would later turn into Medicare.