Hospitals serve a very important function in society. Quite often, they determine whether or not a person’s loved one lives or dies. As such, the public only expects the best from its hospitals. As an institution, a hospital must insure that only candidates of the highest quality are employed there. With that in mind, below is an overview of some of the most important qualifications for a new hospital hire.


  1. Strong Work Ethic


Working in a hospital can be extremely demanding. A registered nurse, for example, may end up working multiple 10 to 12 hour shifts during the week. As such, any candidate for a new hospital hire must demonstrate that they have the work ethic required to work long hours in a high stress environment. Hospital staff must also usually be on call at all times. Candidates must be reliable and have a strong work history free of any tardiness or attendance issues.


  1. Problem Solving Skills


A hospital is not a place for someone who doesn’t want to face challenges on a daily basis. While working in a hospital, a person is likely to see it all. Each situation regarding patient care may have to be addressed differently. While having the proper medical knowledge is important, problem solving skills are also paramount to providing the best care possible for each individual patient. A candidate should demonstrate that they can complete detail oriented tasks effectively and prove that they have a history of succeeding in situations that require them to think on their feet.


  1. Exceptional Certifications


Examining a candidate’s education is of course also a very important part of choosing the right staff. Doctors and nurses certainly need to have the proper degrees and certifications. This is also the case for hospital staff members that do not provide medical care to patients. For example, an attorney working for a hospital should at least have an online health degree in law. This is very important especially in light of the legal changes for hospitals following the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. If hospitals do not conform to the new regulations, they can face serious legal penalties.


  1. Technology Literacy


Working in a hospital requires working with the latest technology. Whether it is hospital administration software or x-ray equipment, hospital staff should be knowledgeable and comfortable working with the kinds of technology they will be using every day.


Overall, the human resources department of a hospital needs to put a lot of effort into choosing the best possible candidate for each open position. The care and service provided to patients is extremely important. It’s the hospital’s moral obligation to insure that patients only interact with completely competent professionals.