Becoming a pharmacist is a path that many choose to take. With a great salary and ability to help others, a pharmacist has the ability to have a great career. With that in mind, there are seven reasons that you should take the first step and become a pharmacist.


Pharmacist’s are perhaps best known for the fact that they have great salaries. A pharmacist makes over $100,000 a year on average, and many pharmacists have a peace of mind about their financial situation.

Student Loan Payback

What many people do not realize is that some of the student loans taken for pharmacy school can be paid back by the government. There are many programs offered for those that work in health care, and pharmacists fall under that umbrella. Many times, a pharmacist can agree to work in a nonprofit area for several years and get a certain amount of loans paid in return.

Online Pharm D

With education starting to become more open to online standards, the online pharm D is an attractive degree for many. Having the flexibility to go to school from home is much easier than having to drive many miles to the closest pharmacy schools. In many states, there are only a handful of certified pharmacy schools. An online pharm D takes away the hassle of commuting to and from school.

Side Income

Many pharmacists earn side income by advising people on their health. Pharmacists have to take a lot of courses on nutrition, and are viewed as experts in health by many people. Because of this, pharmacists can leverage their knowledge and help people with consulting outside of their day job. This can be scaled easily, and many pharmacists can earn even more money doing this.

Flexible Work Schedule

Another great benefit of becoming a pharmacist is the flexible schedules. Many pharmacists work only three or four days a week, and this allows for more family time. There are many great benefits to a work schedule that is flexible, especially if you have young kids or family.

Helping Others

Many pharmacists report that the number one benefit of their job is the fact they get to help others. Pharmacists are seen as experts in the field of health care, and many people will base their health related decisions on advice given to them by pharmacists.

Teaching Credentials

Finally, many people do not realize that in many pharm D programs there are courses where a pharmacist can graduate with teaching credentials. After being in the field, many pharmacists decide that they want to go back and teach, and this can be an option for you as well.


Overall, a pharmacist is one of the most prestigious careers in the world. With a great salary and flexible work scheduled, many people envy the life that pharmacists have. However, there is also a great sense of satisfaction that comes with the job and helping others.


By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at The Ohio State University where I studied communications. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with my 3-year-old husky Snowball.