When most people think of a pharmacist, they think of the individual who works behind the counter at the local drug store who fills their prescription. Although retail pharmacy is a popular career choice for many individuals, there are several other available options in the pharmacy profession for those who successfully complete a Pharm.D. and obtain the necessary requirements for licensure. Here are some of the different areas a pharmacist can work in and the services those sectors provide.

Careers in Retail Pharmacy

Retail pharmacists distribute a variety of medications at both drug and grocery stores. Even though the salary and benefits are well above average compared to other professions, the hours can be somewhat rough considering how most retail pharmacy stores today are now open 24/7. Therefore, if you want to work in this type of career setting, prepare to work strange hours and likely many weekends.

Careers in Nuclear Pharmacy

The responsibility of a nuclear pharmacist is to measure and deliver radioactive substances that are used in digital imaging and other procedures in hospitals and medical offices. Because of how radioactive materials are handled, these types of pharmacists are usually required to begin their work day rather early. Therefore, if you’re not keen on getting up before dawn, it may be best to seek another kind of pharmaceutical career rather than one in nuclear pharmacy.

Long-term Care

Long-term care usually happens in homes where seniors or incapacitated people require continuous care, yet don’t require acute medical services. In this case, the pharmacist works to stock and organize all the patient’s drugs, including both their over-the-counter and prescription medications. You can begin a career as a long-term care pharmacist with a UF pharmacy school degree or one from a similar organization.

Careers in Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacists generally work in a hospital setting as part of a bigger medical care service team. They usually accompany the doctor on his or her rounds and help them determine what doses and medications would likely be the most effective based on the condition of each patient.

Contract Pharmacy Careers

A contract-based pharmacy career offers a good amount of versatility and flexibility in terms of a daily schedule, which is perfect for someone who’s trying to juggle a busy family life outside of work. Contract work primarily involves working different shifts as needed.

Chemotherapy and Home Infusion

These types of pharmacists are basically responsible for correctly mixing a patient’s chemotherapy drugs in treating cancer.

Clearly, one of the main strengths of choosing a career in pharmacy is its diversity. And there is great opportunity in diversity. The opportunity to achieve a rewarding career in any one of these fields is ideal for people with the right education, ability, and overall integrity.


By Anica Oaks

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