The medical field is a great way to gain secure employment, but there are some positions within the field that pay better than others. In certain positions you’ll be expected to fill a variety of roles and have a diverse knowledge of every facet of your job.

Medical Assistant

The demand for medical assistants features continual growth, and it’s expected to continue to grow over the next ten years. These assistants support doctors and nurses by taking vital signs, giving injections, assisting with medical procedures and preparing exam rooms. Many may also assist with the task of insurance coding, record-keeping, and different billing tasks. Many of these tasks have been made easier through the use of billing and management emr software like AdvancedMD.

Health Aides

Health aides are in consistent demand, and find themselves working in a variety of situations. Health aides may end up working in homes, hospitals, clinics, and specialty practices to assist patients with various ailments. They often work with people that have age-related problems, illness, cognitive impairment, and various disabilities. These aides may end up working as part of a hospice program to assist terminally ill patients as well. The duties and responsibilities of a health aide can vary significantly between locations, meaning you really have to think on your feet for many positions. They are often responsible for monitoring vital signs and administering important medications.

Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nurse assistant doesn’t have extremely high requirements for entry and can generally earn between $20,000 to $24,000 annually. Many establishments hire potential candidates and train them with courses that typically last about 75 hours. They often work as part of a nursing team, and have a hands-on approach to working with patients. Feeding, bathing, dressing, and other personal tasks are often provided to patients by nurse assistants. Thy may also be responsible for taking vital signs and doing other basic tasks. Certification in areas like CPR may lead to higher pay, but it’s generally not required for employment in many areas.

Registered Nurses

It’s estimated that over half a million jobs will be added for nurses over the next ten years. Nurses are highly-qualified health care workers that can find employment in a variety of practices. Working as a nurse requires an advanced degree, and many get paid more than both health aides and medical assistants. Registered nurses are found working in hospitals, medical offices, private practices, retirement homes, and some work independently. A degree in nursing opens up a world of possibilities, and you could find yourself working in a fast-paced hospital or a casual one-on-one environment working with individual patients. You have to have a lot of knowledge for the job and will be expected to a variety of tasks. Registered nurses generally earn an average of $42,000 per year.

There is money to be made in medicine, but more importantly it’s a noble field where you truly get to help others. For doctors who run their own practice, it’s also important to hire people with varied skills. Working with patients requires a personal touch that generally isn’t taught in medical school. If you want to find a career that really opens up more opportunities for you, check out these jobs that will expect a little more from you.