A career related to healthcare is a great choice. Opportunities to work in the healthcare industry are excellent, and they’ll continue to strong in the future. While you’re earning and providing for yourself and your family, you’ll be helping others daily. Careers range from direct patient care to the business end of the industry.

Registered nurse

Nurses are in high demand across the country. They work closely with doctors providing care for patients in clinics and hospitals. Registered nurses will monitor a patient’s condition and symptoms, perform tests and other diagnostic medical procedures. Some go on from their training to specialize in areas like orthopedics, pediatrics or even assisting with surgeries. A nurse can usually work in whatever medical specialty that they’re interested in.


Health educators are like teachers that educate patients on specific preventive actions they can take to avoid or live with certain conditions. They might concentrate on alcohol, smoking, cardiac health or diabetes. They often lecture small groups. With today’s focus on preventative health maintenance, the future for health educators continues to grow.

Health information management

Those with an online degree in health information management are vital members in the healthcare world and focus on improved patient care. If you have are a good leader and have an interest in health, this may be the prefect fit. This is a good option for those wanting to be involved in making a change for the better and managing certain aspects of it.


Aside from seeing babies, medical sonography is a sophisticated diagnostic tool for other medical conditions. Sonographers make images of body organs and tissue. Training can become highly specific such as musculoskeletal, abdominal and neuro sonography. The job requires people skills too as it involves direct patient contact. Enhancements in sonographic technology have resulted in hospitals using it in lieu of more expensive and risky procedures. Because of this, much more sonography is expected to be performed in diagnostic laboratories and doctors’ offices. Jobs are expected to grow rapidly.

Personal Trainer

If you are passionate about health and wellness, becoming a personal trainer can be very rewarding. It gives you the option of working at different gyms or health clinics, or starting your own business. This is a great way to work with people one-on-one and help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

With the aging of the baby boomers, jobs in healthcare will continue to be created. Whatever area of the profession or industry you wish to become involved in is a personal decision. It’s highly likely that a lasting career involving great personal and professional satisfaction will be waiting for you.