Better, healthy teeth are something we all wish for and something that takes a little bit of work and forethought. So, we asked around and have compiled a list of some of the best tips from dentists on how to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

Keep Your Teeth Whiter With The White Tooth Diet

Your pearly whites are getting stained if you are smoking cigars or cigarettes and drinking black tea and coffee or red wine. Dark fruit juices, gravy, and cola also contribute to the problem of dingy teeth. The Takeaway: It will probably stain your teeth if it is dark in color. When you do eat foods that stain teeth, brush your teeth right away and work a dental bleaching agent into your toothcare regime. Eating an apple is a convenient way to clean teeth.

Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

If you use an electric toothbrush, make sure that you swap the old head out after a minimum of three months use. If you don’t, you’re moving copious amounts of bacteria into your mouth. Don’t use a back and forth motion when you brush your teeth. Instead, be sure to use gentle circular motions at a 45 degree angle against your gums, according to Beverly Hills dentist Harold Katz, DDS. To avoid scrubbing with too much power, grip the toothbrush like a pencil.

Keep Your Tongue Clean

To freshen your breath and remove tongue plaque, use a tongue scraper every morning. A daily tongue scraping will get rid of the bacteria that builds up on the tongue and is a major cause of bad breath. Tongue scrapers are better at removing bacteria than brushing the tongue with a toothbrush.

Choose Foods That Will Clean Teeth As You Eat Them

The firmer or crisper the foods are, the more they will help to clean your teeth while you eat them according to Nature’s toothbrush is the apple, but you can also include popcorn, celery, and raw carrots in your diet. If you won’t be able to brush immediately after you eat, eat these ‘cleanser’ foods last in your meal.

Visit Your Dental Hygienist

You’ll have a more beautiful smile and good oral health when you schedule dental cleanings twice each year. Periodontal disease develops when cleanings are performed or are done irregularly. Periodontal disease causes more than bleeding, receding, or swollen gums. It is also linked to serious health problems such as sleep apnea, premature births, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

Stay Fresh

To find out if your breath is fresh, lick you palm and smell it while the moisture remains. You need a sugar-free breath mint if you smell something. When you shop for a mouthwash, make sure you choose one that doesn’t contain any alcohol. Mouthwashes with a high concentration of alcohol make your mouth more susceptible to bacteria because the alcohol dries out the tissue in your mouth.

Flossing Can Be Done With Closed Eyes

Because you don’t need to use a mirror in order to floss, you can do it before an important meeting at your desk, while you watch TV, and while driving. Keep some floss in your nightstand, your briefcase, your purse, your desk, and in your car for handy access no matter where you are.

Take Pains To Floss Well

Proper flossing wraps the floss against the tooth while sliding it gently up and down underneath the gum line a few times. You probably have gum disease or gingivitis if bleeding occurs. The bleeding experienced due to gingivitis stops after a couple of weeks if you floss daily. Try an oral irrigator if you really don’t like flossing. In fact, they might even be better than floss and are much easier to use.